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Taking your pets with you on vacation?

Boarding your pets at one of our local boarding facilities?


Have a pet-free home? 

And still would like your home checked on? 

We provide peace of mind knowing your house is safe and secure while you and your pets are away. 

Alaska Pet Nanny

is fully

Insured & Bonded

$35 per visit

Holiday Surcharges

$20 per Visit


Memorial Day Weekend

(Friday - Monday)

4th of July Weekend

(Varies by Year)

Labor Day Weekend

(Friday - Monday)

Thanksgiving Week

(Monday Before - Monday After)

Christmas/New Years Week

(December 23rd - Jan 1st) 

*Rates are subject to change without notice.*


Services Includes

Collect mail/newspaper

Bring in packages left at the door

Make sure doors/windows are locked

Make sure appliances are turned off

Water inside plants & flowers

Water outside garden 

Fill bird/squirrel feeders

Rotate lights and/or curtains

Run faucets

Make sure pipes are not frozen

Make sure the heater is still working

Notice any issues that need an emergency fix

Visit updates


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