Alaska Pet Nanny

Helpful Tips For Your Upcoming Pet Sits

 Make sure to have plenty of pet food, treats, medication, supplements, and/or kitty litter for the duration of your pet sit

***It's always a good idea to have extra of the above just in case you get delayed***

Have a good supply of cleaning products, paper towels, and trash bags

Make sure your emergency contacts are updated and they know we're taking care of your pets

Have someone or a company lined up to auto-plow your driveway during winter pet sits

Please consider letting us park in your garage during overnight pet sits

Please make room in your fridge/freezer for our food during overnight pet sits

***We bring all our own food/beverages***

Make sure your backyard and/or litter boxes are picked up/clean before you leave

Make sure your fenced-in backyard is secure and your gates are locked

Please reschedule any maid services, handyman services, remodeling, plumbing work, etc.

before or after our pet sit

Please empty your washer & dryer before you leave

 ***In case we need to wash anything during our stay***

Please empty your vacuum canister/bag before you leave

 ***We like to keep your house tided up during our pet sits***​

Please have your dust pan and broom together in one easy to find place

Leave any special instructions for your multi-step tv and sound system 

***The more notes about your pets and home the better*** 

Thank You so much for helping us have a great pet sit with your pets!