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Hi there! My name is Lynnae Schooler. I own and operate Alaska Pet NannyI’m originally from Arizona and have had pets my whole life. I grew up with dogs, birds, ferrets, fish and horses. I don't just love animals, I thoroughly love taking care of them!


Ever since I was young I wanted to go to Alaska. In the winter of 2006, that dream came true when my family and I moved up to Fairbanks. It was -50 degrees when we finally rolled into town after a 10 day road trip with 3 vehicles, 1 boat, 3 dogs, 3 birds, and 1 ferret!

Alaska Pet Nanny Lynnae and Jax.JPG

In 2008 we went to Seward for a little family vacation. We have several pets and since one of our dogs had a horrific experience at a kennel back in Arizona, one of us has always stayed behind to hold down the fort when they couldn’t join us. Well that year, we all wanted to go together since none of us had been to southern Alaska before. We had a friend’s young daughter take care of our pets and home. We really didn’t even know her that well. I worried the entire time. Along with being sea sick from halibut fishing, it was so hard to enjoy myself thinking about what was going on at home. Let’s just say we came back to our home not the way we left it and I could tell our pets were so stressed out. We vowed to never have someone take care of our pets and home again.

Alaska Pet Nanny Lynnae and Uno.JPG

In 2015, I started to seriously think about caring for pets for a living. I wanted to do more than just put some business cards or a simple flyer up at Cold Spot or Alaska Feeds and wait for people to call me. I wanted to build an actual business and become a professional pet sitting business owner. I wanted to learn how to give pet parents that peace of mind that I didn’t get back in 2008 down in Seward. I wanted to learn how to properly care for all types of pets and how to run a successful small business.

Alaska Pet Nanny Lynnae and Lagan.JPG
Alaska Pet Nanny Lynnae with Lagan and Rory .png

After doing some serious research, I found a wonderful association called Pet Sitters International (PSI). PSI started in 1994 and is the world’s largest educational association for professional pet sitters all over the world. After learning all about PSI, I became a certified professional pet sitter through the association. I applied for my business licenses (State of AK and City of Fairbanks), became insured, bonded, background checked and pet first aid and CPR trained (both online and hands on) and the rest was history. 

Alaska Pet Nanny Lynnae with Harry.JPG
Alaskas Pet Nanny PSI CPPS.png

Alaska Pet Nanny opened for business in July 2015. Our community definitely needed another option to boarding pets and needed something else besides “side-gig pet sitters" who just want to make extra cash on the side. My very first client told me they hired me because I was insured, bonded, and background checked. They had never heard of a pet sitter who was before.

Alaska Pet Nanny Granny Nanny with George and Ollie
Alaska Pet Nanny Granny Nanny.jpg

My pet sitting services have been in such high demand, my mom, Nevelyn, helps me out when she can. My clients and their pets have come to love her dearly. They even affectionately call her Granny Nanny. Nevelyn is the only one I fully trust to take care of my pets and my pets get the best I can give them. So I know my client's pets and homes are in the best hands when she is taking care of them. Nevelyn is covered under my pet sitting insurance and bond, has been background checked and trained in pet first aid and CPR. You will definitely not find someone more trustworthy and compassionate than Nevelyn. She has been a wonderful role model in my life. It has been a delightful adventure getting to work with her over the years.

Alaska Pet Nanny Lynnae and Granny Nanny with Jax and Caspian.JPG
Alaska Pet Nanny Lynnae and Granny Nanny

We look forward to meeting you and your pet family members!

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