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Alaska Pet Nanny Policies

Cancellation Policy

When you book our services, we reserve exclusive time for you and your pets and have likely turned away other clients.

Vacation/Drop-in Visits/Overnights Cancellation Policy

Our policy applies to the entire reservation invoice amount.

2+ weeks notice

Full Refund/Credit

7 - 14 days notice

75% Refund/Credit

3 - 6 days notice

50% Refund/Credit

3 days or less notice

Refund/Credit is Forfeited 

Bookings are made to plan our availability to clients.

Therefore, we do not offer refunds/credits for early arrivals home. 

Non-Smoking Homes Only Policy

We do not service any homes that are smoked in or around for health reasons.


Snow Removal Policy

All clients must have a reliable snow removal company/person lined up to take care of their driveways during winter pet sits. Especially clients up in the hills who have very steep driveways.


Clients must arrange snow removal BEFORE pet sits start.

Clients are responsible for all snow removal payments. 


Alaska Pet Nanny will not shovel or snow blow client's driveways

or be responsible for finding a snow removal company. 

***We are happy to make trails for dogs in their backyards after snowstorms.***

Unfenced Backyard Policy

Clients who do not have a fenced-in backyard or have an electric fence for their dogs are required to sign our electronic liability waiver form before any services begin.

House Work Policy

We will not provide any services while work is being done in or around a client's home.

(With the exception of landscaping and snow plowing.)


All cleaning services, construction/remodeling, etc. must be scheduled either before or after our pet/house sits.


This is common courtesy for all parties involved, including the pet's safety.

Friends/Family Policy

Services will not be provided while any family and/or friends are staying in a client's home during scheduled visits.


It is important for us to feel safe as we carry out our pet care tasks while also maintaining the pet's undivided attention. 


If anyone else has access to a client’s home during any pet/house sit, Alaska Pet Nanny can assume no liability for any damages or losses to a client’s home and/or pets.

Dog Park Policy

For our clients dog's well-being and safety, we do not bring dogs to any local dog parks while they are in our care. 

Air Freshener Policy

All plug-in and regular air fresheners will be unplugged and/or turned off during overnight pet sits for health reasons. 

Air fresheners are known to be very toxic to pets, especially pets who spend 100% of their lives inside. Please check out this link to learn more about air fresheners and pets. 

*Policies are subject to change without notice

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