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How to Get Started

Everything Starts with Our Time to Pet Software and a Meet & Greet

Our easy pet sitting software will walk you through each step!

We know picking a pet care provider can be overwhelming enough. Figuring out who to trust with your pets is no joke and we're serious about making the Alaska Pet Nanny experience not only a GREAT one, but an easy one for your busy schedule. All you have to do is follow the steps listed below. 

We do not service any homes that are smoked in or around for health reasons. 


Step 1  


Fill out our contact form

 If we're a good match, you'll receive a welcome email with the next steps.



Step 2  



Your welcome email will have a special link to your very own

personal account in our SECURE pet sitting software, Time to Pet.


You'll be first prompted to approve our Pet Sitting Agreement


Then you'll enter all your info and upload your pet's current vaccination record.

If you don't have a copy on hand, your vet office can email us a copy. 

All dogs and cats in our care must have a current Rabies vaccination record on file.




Step 3  

Meet & Greet 

Once you have completely filled out your Time to Pet account,

we will schedule a meet & greet at your house before your initial trip. 

Check out our Meet & Greet page to learn more. 

Going Forward you would just make sure your info in Time to Pet is up to date,

your dog and/or cat still has a current vaccination record on file, 

and then request services through the software. Easy peasy! 

Create an account in Time to Pet

Thoroughly completing your Time to Pet account helps us provide quality, comprehensive care for your pets and home.

We respond to EVERY pet sit request/inquiry either way.

Check that spam folder!

Join Our Pet Nanny Pack Today!

Alaska Pet Nanny_edited.jpg

Time to Pet (TTP) is the pawsome pet sitting software we use to help give EXCEPTIONAL pet care to all our clients and to their pets. 

We absolutely LOVE the Time to Pet software!

It helps us keep all our client's info securely in one place

and allows us to keep track of our daily schedule so we never miss a visit

"I highly recommend the Alaska Pet Nanny and “Granny Nanny” too! While we all worry about and miss our pet companions, I am always confident my boys will be well loved and cared for when we are away, which allows me to enjoy vacations and concentrate on work trips. Being able to use the app to schedule dates and receiving videos of my pups and chinchilla happy, playing, and comfortable in their own home is priceless. Ten stars!" - Google Review by Val W.


Update their own info instantly whenever they want

Request pet sits

View scheduled dates

Reschedule and/or cancel pet sits

Upload their dog & cat's vaccination records

View/Pay invoices

Message us 


All our clients are required to have an account in the secure software.


Alaska Pet Nanny Time to Pet App

Download the Mobile App

How To Use Time To Pet

Own a Pet Sitting Business Yourself?

We Highly Recommend Time to Pet!

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