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Meet & Greets

After you request a pet sit and complete filling out our pet sitting software (Time to Pet), we will schedule a M&G at your house before the initial pet sit. 

M&G's must be done in your home since this is where we'll be taking care of your pets. 

In-person M&G's are the best way for us to meet and see if we're a good fit for each other.

M&G's consist of you giving us a tour of your house, showing us which room you would like us to sleep in, and showing us where all the pet areas are and where their food & supplies are located. Usually M&G's last up to an hour long. 
We normally like to meet within a month of the initial pet sit so your pets remember us better and visa versa. 

We want you to be completely comfortable with us potentially coming into your home to take care of your pets, so we are happy to answer any questions you might have. This is the perfect time to ask those questions!

M&G's are also the only way for your pets to give the final approval! 

We require at least 1 M&G at your house before the initial pet sit. 

We do not require a M&G before each future pet sit. 

The first 2 M&G's are complimentary. 

$20 each additional M&G.

*Rates are subject to change without notice.*


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Alaska Pet Nanny
Alaska Pet Nanny

We ask for 2 just in case one stops working, breaks off, etc.  Even if you have us use a key code pad, we still like to have 2 keys on file just in case the key code pad malfunctions - which happens all the time, espeically during the winters.  If you have us gain entry through the garage by the garage remote, we still ask for 2 keys just in case the garage door and/or remote malfunction. 




We will also scan (with our phone app) a copy of your pet's current vaccination record (if you haven't sent it to us before we meet).  



Finally, we will collect your payment in full for the upcoming pet sit. Zelle is our preferred form of payment.


Alaska Pet Nanny
Alaska Pet Nanny

If you move and would like to continue to use our services, we do ask to have another quick M&G at your new house, so you can give us a tour of the new house and give us the new keys.  


Alaska Pet Nanny