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Meet & Greets


You don’t want to trust the care of your pets and home to just anyone, so it’s important everyone involved, especially your pets, feels comfortable and knows exactly what to expect. That’s why we encourage this opportunity for you and your pets to meet us and discuss everything involved in the loving care of your pets and home.


You will have an opportunity to show us all the little details that go into giving your pets the best possible care. 

Alaska Pet Nanny

How a M&G is Scheduled 

Step 1  
Request a pet sit 

Step 2 
Completely fill out your
Time to Pet account

Step 3 
Upload your
pet's current
vaccination record (if applicable)

Step 4
M&G can be scheduled 

We like to meet within a month of the initial pet sit
so your pets remember us better and visa versa. 

While one M&G is required at your house before the initial pet sit,
we can meet multiple times if you would like. For example, if you book your pet sit far in advance, we can meet when you book your dates and then again closer to your trip. 
The first M&G is complimentary

0 each additional M&G

M&G Info 

What to Expect at Our M&G

M&G's usually last up to an hour long.

Your pets get to meet us and learn our scent. If you have a nervous pet, have their favorite treats ready so we can give them to your pet as a good first impression.


You can give us a quick tour of your house, show us which room you would like us to sleep in (for overnights), and show us where all the pet areas & supplies are located at.

We can also go over the
Time to Pet software in person if you would like. 

Alaska Pet Nanny
Alaska Pet Nanny

We want you to be completely comfortable with us coming into your home to take care of your pets, so we are more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

M&G's are the perfect time to ask those questions!

If You Decide to Officially Hire Us at Our M&G


2 Copies of Your House Key

We ask for 2 just in case one stops working, breaks off, etc.

If you have a keyless home, we require some kind of backup (i.e. garage remote, etc.) to ensure we can always get to your pets should the keypad malfunction. 


Payment in Full

We will collect your payment in full for the upcoming pet sit.
Zelle is our preferred form of payment.

Join Our Pet Nanny Pack Today!

Alaska Pet Nanny

Established Clients
Moving to a New House!?


***Please ask us if your new house is still in our service area before requesting services.

If you move and would like to continue to use our services at your new house, we do ask to have another quick M&G so you can give us a tour of the new house and we can collect your new keys.  

Professional Pet - House Sitting

Serving Salcha - North Pole - Fairbanks with FWW & EAFB Access

Licensed    Insured    Bonded    Pet First Aid & CPR Trained

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