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  • Who and what is a pet nanny?
    We are professional pet sitters who come into your home to care for your pet family members while you're at work, on a business trip, handling a family emergency, and/or on vacation.
  • What areas do you service?
    We service Salcha, Eielson Air Force Base, Moose Creek, North Pole, Fort Wainwright, and certain areas of Fairbanks. (We are based in Salcha.) We do not service certain areas of Chena Ridge, Ester, the Goldstream Valley, Fox, pass 7 mile Chena Hot Springs Road/Two Rivers at this time.
  • Why should I hire a professional pet sitter?
    BENEFITS FOR YOUR PETS: 1. Love and personal attention while you are away. 2. Your pets stay in the environment they know best. 3. Relief from the stress of boarding in kennels with other animals in an unfamiliar place. 4. They stay on their regular diet and routine. 5. We are Pet First Aid & CPR trained and prepared for any emergencies. BENEFITS FOR YOU: 1. Convenience of not having to take your pets anywhere. 2. Someone to make your house look active. Burglars won’t be sure you are gone. We will collect your mail, newspapers, water plants, and rotate lights. 3. If your pet becomes sick and/or injured while you're away, we will take them to their vet clinic (or an emergancy vet clinic) and get the medical care they need. 4. You will get daily text/picture updates. 5. We are professional pet sitters through Pet Sitters International, fully insured and bonded, licensed to do business in Alaska, and background checked for your peace of mind.
  • Do you provide pet sitting/boarding at your house?
    No, all our services are done in the comfort of your own home, where your pets are in their own familiar environment. This helps your pets feel more at ease when you need to be away from home. A fantastic alternative to boarding!
  • Do you have any pet restrictions and dog breed/weight limits?
    No, we do not have any pet restrictions. We take care of all kinds of pets; both indoor pets and outdoor pets/animals. Even dog sled teams! :) We do not have any dog breed or weight limits either. All are welcome in our pet nanny family! *We do require all dogs and cats in our care to have a current vaccination record on file. Learn More!
  • I don't have a fenced-in backyard. Can you still take care of my dogs?
    Yes, we can. While your dogs might stay around the yard with you and your family, that doesn't mean they will act the same way with us. Also, you never know what kind wild life or neighborhood pets will be passing through. We want to keep your dogs safe and sound! Therefore, all dogs must be a on leash or on a long lead when outside during our visits. ***Please Note: We do require clients who do not have a fenced-in backyard or have an electric fence to sign our electronic liability waiver stating Alaska Pet Nanny can assume no liability for any damages or losses to their pets. Failure to sign this form will result in services being cancelled.
  • Can you fill my bird/squirrel feeders while I'm away from home?
    Yes, we can fill your (easily accessible) bird and/or squirrel feeders during our pet sits. We're happy to keep the neighborhood birds and squirrels just as happy as your pet family members while you're away from home!
  • Can you water my indoor and outdoor flowers and plants while I'm away from home?
    Yes, we can water your indoor/outdoor flowers/plants/gardens during our pet sits. Please let us know your usual water routine and we'll be happy to keep the flowers/plants/gardens happy while you're away from home. *The water must be left on in the house and/or easily accessible for these requests. *If you have a large garden and/or a lot of plants/flowers that need watering, please know this time will be taken out of the time that was scheduled for your pet family members. We do not stay longer just to water flowers/plants/gardens. *Alaska Pet Nanny Watering Clause: The utmost care will be given while watering Client’s plants and flowers. However, in the invent of any damages to furniture or lost plants, Client will not hold Alaska Pet Nanny liable.
  • How do I become a client?
    Click on Get Started at the top of this page. You'll be taken to the contact form on our pet sitting software called, Time to Pet (TTP). -Submit your answers to our preliminary questions. -If we're unable to approve your request, you'll receive an email from us. This email might go to your spam folder, so please check there if you have not heard back from us. We always respond to every pet sit request we receive. You can also put this email address in your contacts to make sure you receive our reply: -If we approve your request, we'll activate your personal Time to Pet account and you'll be sent an email with your temporary login info. -You'll be able to change the password to your choosing when you first log into Time to Pet. -The first thing you'll see when you first login with your personal password is our electronic pet sitting agreement you'll need to read over and approve. Please read the entire agreement as it has very important info as to how we run our professional pet sitting business. Please know, the agreement needs to be approved before you can move to the next steps. -After you approve our pet sitting agreement, you'll be able to enter all your info and your pet's info into the secure software. This software is where we keep all our client's info securely in one place. You can even download the Time to Pet app on your phone! Apple or Google -You'll need to upload (or email us) your pet's current vaccination record into Time to Pet (unless you have a pet that does not require vaccinations. i.e. birds, guinea pigs, rabbits, reptiles, etc.). -After the above is completed, then we schedule a meet & greet at your house with your pets within a month of the initial pet sit. If you officially decide to hire us during this M&G, we will collect 2 copies of your house key and full payment for the initial pet sit.
  • Do I need to create a Time to Pet account to become a client?
    Yes, you must create a Time to Pet (TTP) account to become a client. This pet sitting software is one of the most important tools in helping us provide professional and exceptional pet care for all our clients. Time to Pet allows us to keep all our client's and their pet's info securely in one place. It helps us keep track of our daily schedule. It also helps us keep track of our client's pets vaccination records. Our clients LOVE Time to Pet! They can update their info and their pet's info instantly, see our availability and any special messages in the message board as soon as they login, schedule/view/reschedule/cancel pet sit dates, view/pay their invoices, view/update their pet's vaccination records, and much more. Clients can even download the Time to Pet app on their phones. Apple or Google Time to Pet was created by a pet sitting business couple down in Texas in 2015. The software is used and trusted by over 2,500 professional pet sitting/dog walking business owners in Alaska, Hawaii, and down in the lower 48.
  • Do I need to sign a pet sitting agreement before services start?
    Yes, you must approve and electronically sign our online pet sitting agreement before a meet & greet is scheduled and before services start. After you log into your Time to Pet account for the first time, you will need to read over and approve/sign our pet sitting agreement to fully activate your personal account. Please read over the entire agreement as it has very important information as to how we run our professional pet sitting business. You can always view your signed pet sitting agreement in your Time to Pet account. You can even view the date and time you originally signed it. To view on the TTP website: Agreements link in turquoise footer. To view in the TTP app: My Info tab and then Documents.
  • Is my information kept confidential?
    YES! All client information is undoubtedly kept confidential. We will not discuss any household items or conversations with anyone. (However, we will report all animal neglect and/or abuse to the authorities. We are in business to care for and love pets. It is our responsibility to make sure all pets under our care are treated humanely and appropriately cared for. We only provide pet sitting services to responsible pet parents!) All your info in our pet sitting software, Time to Pet, is also kept safe and secure. You can read how Time to Pet keeps your information safe and secure here.
  • Do my pets need to be current on vaccinations?
    Yes! We will only care for pets that are up to date on their vaccinations or have titer testing results, with the exception of pets who do not get vaccinations (i.e. rabbits, birds, guinea pigs, lizards, etc.). A current vaccination or titer testing record must be in your Time to Pet account before any pet sit request is approved. Our pet sitting software keeps track of all our client's pets vaccination and titer testing records to help keep the entire pet nanny family safe and healthy.
  • Do I need to schedule a meet & greet before each pet sit?
    No, a meet & greet is only required before the initial pet sit. If you need our services in the future, you just schedule a pet sit in Time to Pet and (after the request is approved), we show up! This is why it's a great idea to keep your keys on file with us! :) If you move after becoming an established client and need our services at your new house, we like to schedule another meet & greet so you can show us around the new house and we can collect your new keys before services start up again.
  • How and when do I pay?
    Payment is always required BEFORE services begin. New clients: Payment in full at meet & greets Established clients: Payment in full before or on the first day of service Our preferred payment method is by Zelle. (We completely understand some clients need to make multiple Zelle payments due to their daily limit amount. As long as payment is paid in full by the first day of service, multiple Zelle payments are allowed.) We also accept payments by: -All major credit cards -Debit cards -ACH Payments -Cash (exact change only please) Daily (non-vacation) drop-in clients who pay by Zelle can pay monthly, weekly, and/or bi-weekly if preferred. Clients are emailed an invoice through Time to Pet. Clients can always view/pay their invoices under the Invoices tab in their Time to Pet account.
  • Do you offer weekly/monthly rates for daily drop-in visits?
    We do not offer weekly/monthly rates at this time. Our services are billed per visit. Daily (non-vacation) clients are invoiced monthly. If payments are made by Zelle - our preferred payment option - daily (non-vacation) clients can pay monthly, bi-weekly, and/or weekly. Payment is always due BEFORE services begin.
  • Can I leave a tip?
    Tips are by no means required. But if you feel we have provided excellent care with your pets and home, tips are more than appreciated. Thank you!
  • How will you handle my keys?
    Two copies of your house key will be collected at the initial meet & greet. You have the option to keep your keys on file with us or left at your house on the last day of service. If you choose to keep your keys on file, your keys will only be marked by your pet's names for security reasons. Your keys will be kept in a locked key safe in our home office when not in use. When your keys are kept on file, it's a perfect option for last minute getaways and/or emergencies! If you have us use a key code pad and/or garage opener to get into your house, we still need 2 copies of your house key in the event the key code pad and/or garage opener malfunciton during a pet sit. We want to make sure we always have a backup to make sure we have a way to get into your house to care for your pets. PRO TIP: It's always a great idea to have a hidden key somewhere around your property just in case the keys we have stop working, break off, etc. while you're away from home. KEY RETURN: When services are no longer needed, you will need contact us to get your keys back. We will only drop off your keys at your house if we're working in your area due to our large service area. Otherwise, you will need to meet us in our working location if your keys are needed back immediately. If you would like your keys back by mail, there is a $20 fee to cover time, materials, handling, and postage. Keys will only be mailed back certified for security. If you haven't used our services in a year, will we email you to see if you would like your keys back. If no reply back, your keys will be destroyed. We will only keep inactive client keys on file for 2 years. After such time limit, keys will be destroyed.
  • Will you bring people or your pets over to my house?
    We will not bring any friends, family members (human, furry, or feathered) to your house. We will be the only one in your house taking care of your pets and home.
  • How do I know what happens with my pets when I'm away from home?
    We love photography and absolutely love getting the perfect picture/videos of your pets, so we're more than happy to send you daily updates, either by text, email, and/or through the Time to Pet software (TTP only allows picture updates at this time.) For drop-in visits, you can choose if you would like an update at every visit or just once per day. We'll also let you know if there are any issues with your house during these daily updates. If you prefer the "no news, is good news" option, we can definitely let you enjoy your time away from home with no updates. Please know, we must have a way to get a hold of you if any issues or emergencies should come up.
  • Can you take my pet to the vet for a scheduled appointment while I'm away from home?
    We sure can! We are more than happy to take your pet family member to the vet when you're away from home or if you're unable to leave work or you're home on the day of the appointment. ***Please Note: Our names must be in your account at your vet office for us to be able to bring in your pet for medical care. Mt McKinley Animal Hospital has a Consent for Care form on their website for their clients. ***Client is responsible for making payment arrangements BEFORE the schedule appointment. Alaska Pet Nanny will not be responsible for any vet care payments.
  • What happens if my return is delayed?
    If your scheduled return is delayed, please contact us ASAP and we will continue to care for your pets and home until you return. If your scheduled pet sit was an overnight pet sit and you get delayed, and we have another overnight pet sit scheduled for another client right after yours, we may need to change to multiple, daily drop-in visits until you return home.
  • I am taking my pets with me. Can you check on my house, water my plants, and collect my mail and newspapers while we're gone?
    Yes, we are happy to offer housesitting services. We will check in and around your house, make sure gates are closed, doors and windows are locked and secure, rotate lights/curtains, bring trash can to/from the street, run faucets to keep pipes from freezing during the winter time, water any plants inside and outside, collect your mail and/or newspapers so it looks like your house is being lived in while you are away.
  • How can I make your stay more comfortable while you're taking care of my pets in my home?
    Thank you so much for your refreshing hospitality! 1) Please have enough pet food/treats/medicine/supplements/kitty litter for your pets for the duration of the pet sit. 2) It's always a good idea to have more than enough of the above just in case your return is delayed. 3) If we arrive after dark to your house, please have the outside lights on. 4) We always bring all our own food/beverages to our pet sits, so please make some room in your fridge/freezer before you leave, especially for long pet sits. 5) Just in case we need to wash anything during our stay, please empty your washer and dryer before you leave. We love your pets to pieces; your unmentionables, not so much. :) 6) Please have enough cleaning supplies and PAPER TOWELS for the duration of the pet sit. Paper towels are pet sitter's #1 tool when cleaning up any pet and house messes. 7) To keep your pets safe inside while we bring in our things and groceries, please consider allowing us to park in your garage while you are away, especially during winter time. We appreciate this beyond words and will make sure to leave your garage remote on the last day of service. 8) If any appliances, light switches, toilets, faucets are broke, don't work correctly, or need special instructions to use, please let us know. 9) The more notes about your pets and home the better. We rather have information overload than nothing at all. 10) Please reschedule any regular maid services either before or after your trip so we're not in their way and visa versa. 11) Consider having a hidden key to your house somewhere outside during our pet sits. 12) We like to vacuum up any pet fur/messes during our pet sits, especially on the last day of service so it's nice and clean when you come home. Please empty your vacuum bag/canister before you leave so it's all ready to go. 13) Please have your boiler checked out before your trip, especially during the winter months. 14) If you haul your own H20, please make sure your water tank(s) are full before you leave. 15) To prevent any injuries, please make sure your entryway is clear of any deep snow and ice before you leave. If you only use your garage, please be mindful of the way your pet sitter will be coming into your house. We appreciate our clients who leave pet safe ice melt by the doors we use. 16) If you have a "12-step" tv/sound system, please leave instructions on how to use it all. 17) Please make sure your backyard is clear of any dog #2's and your litterboxes are clean before you leave. 18) We like to keep backyards clean during our dog pet sits, so please have a working pooper scooper/shovel and bucket for us to use while you're away. 19) Please schedule any cleaning services, construction/plumbing work or any other handyman work to be done in or around your house before or after our pet sit. We WILL NOT service your home if any of these services are being done in/around the home. This is just common courtesy for all parties, including your pets. (Unless it's for an emergency situation that happens while you're away.) 20) To make sure your pets stay safe and healthy and to keep your house safe and secure, please do not have any friends/family enter your home while you're away. 21) Please unplug and turn off ALL plug-in air fresheners for health reasons. All plug-ins and other air fresheners will be unplugged and/or turned off during overnight pet sitting visits for our own health reasons. Air fresheners are also known to be very toxic for pets, especially pets who live 100% inside. Please check out this link for more info about the dangers of air fresheners and pets. Pro Tip: The best way to keep your house smelling good is to bring in fresh air from outside. Set your HRV to turn on/off every so often, even in the winter to help with pet smells. Your pets will thank you! Thank you so much for helping us have a comfortable stay at your house while we're taking care of your pet family members.

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