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Vaccination Requirements

 A current Rabies vaccination or titer testing record is required for all dogs and cats in our care.

If your dog/cat is unable to get the vaccination due to medical issues, a letter from your veterinarian will suffice.

Highly recommend these additional vaccinations for dogs

Bordetella and DA2PP 

Alaska Pet Nanny_edited.jpg

Highly recommend these additional vaccinations for cats


Vaccinations are vital in keeping your pets happy and healthy!


Even for indoor-only cats!


We go from house to house caring for many pets and don't want to unknowingly spread something to unvaccinated pets. 

Thank you for understanding!

Our Time to Pet pet sitting software allows you to upload your pet's current vaccination or titer testing record.


The software also keeps track of current & expired vaccinations, to help keep the entire pet nanny family safe and healthy.


You will be notified about your upcoming pet's Rabies expiration dates and will need to upload a current record before services can continue. 

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